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Jonathan Jordan, a business & executive coach and member of the prestigious Society for Neuroscience, began his career in the Himalayan kingdom where the Buddha was born. Having learned the language and immersed himself in the culture there, he discovered ancient Eastern practices that increased his ability to train his brain and improve his life.

Jonathan, who grew up in Ireland, later became a licensed psychotherapist in the United States. As a psychotherapist, he successfully blended Eastern practices with Western knowledge to greatly improve the well being of his clients.

Jonathan has also successfully served as an executive for Fortune 500 Corporations, where he led global initiatives to create cutting-edge brain-based training and development programs. These programs continue to positively impact millions of employees worldwide every year.

Jonathan has been appointed a Faculty Fellow of Florida State University. Through a series of nationwide and international seminars, he trains scores of other professionals and business leaders in his unique synthesis of East-West practices, which can greatly improve human performance at work and in all areas of life.

In 2011, Jonathan was engaged by the United States Senate to deliver brain-based professional development workshops to the US Senate Staff on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Jonathan is currently the president of a boutique business and personal development firm, Global Change Management, Inc. There, he utilizes mindfulness and other brain-based practices to guide clients to obtain greater success and satisfaction in their business, career, and life in general.

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About the Author

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Jonathan Jordan


About the Author September 24, 2013