Brain Matters in Business

Advance Acclaim For This Book


“Each article in this book has really helpful information and strategies
backed by research on the brain to help anyone build a better business.”

~ Nancy S.Gordon, founder of the Tampa Bay Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy

“Jonathan applies current neuroscience research succinctly to personal
and professional development in a concise fashion in this new book. It
doesn’t take long to read it and you don’t have to know neuroscience to
understand the concepts either. Well done, Jonathan!”

~ Dr. Surya M. Ganduri, founder of eMBC, Inc.

“This book provides an excellent guide to understanding how to effectively
use the most important asset business people have, their own
brains! It is short, to the point, an easy read, and the information it provides
is priceless. The insights on ‘multitasking’ alone are worth the read.”

~ Bill Dueease, founder of The Coach Connection


Advance Acclaim For This Book

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Jonathan Jordan

Advance Acclaim For This Book September 24, 2013